Sunday, January 2, 2011

Win,Lose,or Harbaugh

"Have you ever seen a man so broken as that one man that you are looking at?"-Andy Hull

I deserve a fucking medal. I supported Rich Rod from the day he was hired until midway through the 4th quarter yesterday. I begged Dave Brandon to give him one more year. I blamed the injuries in the secondary, and the 6 freshman in the two deep. I cursed the special teams, I cursed that stuffed animal Greg Robinson pulled from god knows where..

I was pulling for Gerg to pick a winner...

But I just can't do it anymore. If it means that every recruit decides to go elsewhere, and we are destined to another Threet/Sheridan season, so be it. The lack of halftime adjustments yesterday was inexcusable, and should ultimately lead to his firing. Just make sure Harbaugh will come. I'm not sold on Brady Hoke, but he will at least shut the people clamoring for a "Michigan Man" the fuck up for a year or two. I, for one, can't wait to get back to 9-3 and a bowl loss for 12 straight season. I also love Vanilla ice cream, that catchy music they play in elevators, and 60 minutes (just as long as they reign in that radical Andy Rooney.) 

My ideal coaching candidate list would be:
  1. Harbaugh-Forget the trash he said about Michigan, he is a Michigan Man through and through.
  2. Mike Leach-The Pirate would rile up the alumni base more than Rodriguez, but the dude is awesome. Sure, he locks concussed players in electrical closets, but who here hasn't.
  3. Bill Belichick/Bill Cowher/Mack Brown/Nick Saban-This is Michigan. Michigan can get anyone they want. This is sarcasm.
  4. Brady Hoke-He has done a fine job at Ball State and San Diego State. He has coached at Grand Valley, Western, and Michigan. He apparently would consider taking the position, if offered.
  5. Me-I would take the job in a heartbeat, and I'm sick in NCAA 2011 on the PS3. I always pull in the top recruiting class, and have gone 132-0 since I got the game in August.
So there we have it. I have begrudgingly joined the darkside. I also wanted to use this title for the bowl preview I never got out of bed to write. I just want to see Michigan return to national prominence and become the class of the Legends division.

Either way, something needs to happen, and needs to happen soon. I would hope a decision is already made, and will be announced Monday or Tuesday. I will let you know if I get contacted to talk salary.


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