Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tate Forcier not enrolled at U of M

The long standing transfer rumors appear to be gearing up again. The Michigan Daily is reporting that Tate Forcier is not enrolled in classes as of this morning.  The deadline for enrollment is January 25th, so nothing is certain, but it seems odd to wait this long.

If Forcier is indeed gone, that leaves Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner on the roster along with a couple of walk-ons. There are still a few Pro style quarterback prospects that have yet to make a commitment to another school, so there's still time. As I type this, Dave Brandon just said that fitting Denard Robinson into Al Borges' offense has been talked about, so maybe Shoelace will still be around.

And as I type this, Brandon says that "Forcier is still not with the team". It doesn't sound like there will be a definitive answer until the entire coaching staff is in place.

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