Monday, January 31, 2011

A few Lions Draft Targets

This is the first time since 2008 that the Lions' first draft pick is somewhat of a mystery. Last year it was Suh unless St. Louis passed on a QB, in which case it would have been Gerald McCoy. In 2009 it was Stafford, and whoever at 20. In 2008 they didn't pick until 15, and then traded down to 17. So I will highlight a few picks at positions of need that represent good value at 13. This is all subject to change after the combine where some unknown runs a 4.3 40, and gets 33 reps at 225. But I hate workout warriors, so let's hope the following guys don't get hurt. I am also going on what I feel are the biggest needs. This list is also under the assumption that guys like Patrick Peterson, Prince Amukamara, DaQuan Bowers,Robert Quinn et al are off the board. And I am excluding Julio Jones and A.J. Green due to their position.

Akeem Ayers- Ayers is an OLB from UCLA. He is also projected to Detroit on 90% of mock drafts I have seen. His best asset is his speed, which will help get more pressure on the quarterback. He has the size to occasionally line up at DE in passing downs.

Cameron Jordan- Jordan is a DE from Cal. He is big at 6'4'' 285 lbs. He would probably be best suited in a 3-4 due to his size, but would also excel on the other side from Cliff Avril. He has the potential to move up to the top 5 with a good showing at the combine/Pro day.

Brandon Harris-Harris is a CB from Tha U. Please punch me in the face if I ever refer to Miami as "Tha U" again. Harris will no doubt call his alma mater "Tha U" due to his demeanor. He think's he's the best player on the field, and is right more often than not. Opinions are split on him, and he is not considered a lock to go in the first round. After Peterson and Amukamara, there is no consensus #3 CB. Harris is in the running.

Mark Ingram-The 2009 Heisman winner is a RB from Alabama. He is from the Flint area, and is the son of Mark Ingram Sr.. I personally don't think RB is a big enough need to draft at 13, many people do, and Martin Mayhew has shown that he will draft the best player available. Let's hope he doesn't think this highly of Ingram.

Nate Solder-Solder is a skyscraper OT from Colorado. His size is impressive at 6'9'' 314 pounds. This is again a position that I think could wait, but Solder has huge upside. Most years I would be screaming for Mayhew to draft him, but the back 7 of the defense has soooooo many holes.

Aldon Smith-DE from Missouri. Another player with big upside. The problem with these guys, is their propensity to bust (see Gholston, Vernon and Maybin, Aaron). If it weren't for Vanden Bosch's injury concerns, I wouldn't bother to list so many DE prospects.

That's about it this early. Again, guys will break out at the combine. Some guys that could rise this far that fit needs are...

  1. Jimmy Smith, CB Colorado
  2. Martez Wilson. ILB Illinois
  3. Tyron Smith, OT USC
I'm sure I'm missing guys. I am also like 99% of fans who want the Lions to trade down, and stockpile picks. I just know how hard it can be, so I can't begin to attempt to predict it happening. More to follow as background checks, Wonderlic scores, and torn ACLs shake up the draft.

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