Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tate Forcier to Transfer

The Detroit News is reporting that Forcier intends to transfer. This is as surprising as seeing Wendy Williams at a urinal. His brother, Jason, transferred to Stanford when Ryan Mallett arrived in Ann Arbor. His brother Chris, transferred from UCLA to Furman. The Forcier family dog transferred from ABC Obedience School to Roll Over, Rover, a private school in Colorado.

This does little to the depth chart, except thin it out. Denard Robinson will be a true junior this season. Devin Gardner is applying for a "medical redshirt" and will have plenty of time left either way. I'm also assuming  Hoke and Borges are recruiting a QB for this class, so the depth chart will have 3 scholarship players on it.

Either way, Good Luck to Tate wherever he ends up. He gave us hope in 2009, and his run against ND was the shit. Good night, sweet prince.

Let's just hope this doens't linger over Hoke's head like the Rodriguez/Mallett fiasco.

EDIT-For more, see the amazing work over at Midnight Maize.

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