Sunday, January 9, 2011


What happens when a once successful coach brings a program to levels not worthy of its history of success? He gets fired, right? Its time for Tom Izzo to go. He has a team many thought were NCAA title contenders sitting at 10-5 after losing to Penn State yesterday. I will allow you to catch your breath at this breaking news....Yes, Penn State has a basketball team.

This is Michigan State, dammit. He has already tarnished his "Saintly" image when he broke NCAA rules last month (though he thoroughly punished himself and the program by serving his suspension in the game against Prairie View A & M) and has shown a "Lack of Institutional Control" by allowing players accused of rape to remain with the basketball team. At least he didn't have his players practicing too much

Izzo may not have shown his emotional side by belting out some Josh Groban, he prefers to give his son the middle name of a former player. 
Hand Check!!!
I hope you realize by now that this is hyperbole. I am a fan of Izzo, but am sick of his bulletproof standing in sports.

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