Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Week in Great College Football Names

Shavodrick Beaver

Shavodrick Beaver is a sophomore QB for the Tulsa Hurricanes. As many of you may know, Beaver was once committed to play football in Ann Arbor. He was one of two QB commits to end up signing elsewhere along with current Penn State QB Kevin Newsome.  Michigan was able to recover and wound up with Tate Forcier and some young fellow named Denard Robinson. I think the Wolverine coaches are o.k. with the way things ended up. The biggest blow to many Michigan fan's morale was missing out on the possible backfield combination of Shavodrick and RB Mike Cox.  Beaver running the zone-read with Cox. Beaver scampers for a 5 yard gain with a Cox block. The possibilities, as they say, were endless.

Beaver is currently the back-up quarterback to former University of Texas QB G.J. Kinne. There is a great name showdown looming on October 16th, when Tulsa hosts Tulane which boasts the also spectacularly named senior DT Oscar Ponce de Leon.

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