Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super Quickie Preview

No time this morning. Prepping for gameday.

This is going to be a good game. Without sounding too cliche, I believe the winner will be the team who gets the last possession. The keys to this game will be the run defense. Michigan has had problems stopping the run and the pass, but the strength of the Spartan offense is their trio of RBs. Can Ezeh, and Mouton contain Caper, Baker, and Bell? We shall see.

The key for MSU, as will be the key for everyone left on Michigan's schedule, is trying to limit Denard Robinson's rushing yards. Good luck. I say he still goes for 200+.

Final prediction?

Michigan 49
Michigan State 45

Quick note, as I mentioned on Tuesday, Orlando Dr. Phillips RB Dee Hart made his decision last night. He committed to Michigan. He has the ability to start next year as a true freshman, and adding him in the backfield to Denard Robinson just seems unfair.

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