Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quickie Preview-Iowa

The overwhelming strength of the Hawkeyes is their defense. They are #1 in the NCAA in scoring defense giving up only 10.2 points/game. They have only been tested by Arizona, their one loss of the season. They are coming off a 24-3 win against a fraudulent Penn State team. Let's see what they do against Michigan, assuming Denard Robinson can get his mojo back.

The Iowa defense is led by the following BAMFs:
  1. Tyler Sash
  2. Broderick Binns
  3. Jeremiha Hunter
  4. Karl Klug
  5. Jeff Tarpinian
  6. Christian Ballard
  7. You
  8. Get
  9. The
  10. Idea
And the best player on their defense is probable first round draft pick Adrian Clayborn.  The only thing he terrorizes more than taxi drivers, is opposing quarterbacks. Let's hope the Michigan tackles get some help from a TE or 3.

As for Iowa's offense, it starts and ends with this guy...

And he loves America more than you...
Don't believe me?

Aiding Stanzi the Manzi on the offensive side of the ball are RB Adam Robinson and the improbably named WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos. Meh. Good, not great, players that benefit from a stellar defense.

Fun Facts
Iowa QB John Weinke was once a Michigan commitment.
Snake Alley in Burlington, IA is the world's crookedest street.

I think this game will go one of two ways. 
  1. Iowa's defense shows that it truly is dominating, and used the bye week to prepare for Denard Robinson. If this happens, I say 28-17 Iowa.
  2. Denard Robinson show that last week was a fluke, and takes out some frustration. He shows how wrong all the bandwagon jumpers were. I'm looking at you ESPN "experts". When if this happens I say 42-35 Michigan.
I will go with the latter, only because I don't want to think about the negative press that will surround Rich Rodriguez and to a lesser extent, Denard Robinson.

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