Thursday, October 21, 2010

So apparently .247=11,500,000

On the day my bank gets robbed, my day gets worse and worse.  Detroit Tiger's all time strikeout king, Brandon Inge, has swindled  re-signed with the team for $11.5M over two years. The same Inge who has hit .237 for his career. The same Inge that strikes out in....lemme see, carry the 3, roughly 23% of his plate appearances. Look, I appreciate the fact that he is the longest tenured Tiger. I empathize with him when I remember he was on the historically bad 2003 team. This is a team that has a strong enough core and passionate enough owner to compete for World Series appearances. I understand that the free agent market is projected to be slim. There has to be better options available via trade.

So where does that leave the team? Who the hell knows anymore?  If Ilitch is serious about spending money this season, I hope he has his sights on a premier starting pitcher and impact bat at a corner OF spot that can keep Miguel Cabrera from getting walked thrice a game. Will it happen? Only time will tell, but history says a significant trade may happen. Dombrowski has traded for Cabrera along with Scherzer and Austin Jackson recently. I just hope the team realizes that Boesch was thoroughly exposed after the All-Star break and Avila needs to be pushed in spring training.

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