Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taylor Chick is good at volleyball...

Wow, sexist much? Well, no actually. I was all prepared to rip into the Annarbor.com sportswriters after reading  this headline.... For one, there have to be chicks in the greater Ann Arbor area who also excel at volleyball, and secondly, you can't just go around calling chicks "chicks". I can get away with it because no one reads this site, but you are supposed to be a credible "journalist."

Well, come to find out:

  1. Taylor Chick is the young lady's name.
  2. She is good at volleyball.
  3. She attends Huron High School, so she meets the imaginary residency requirements I imagine when I read AnnArbor.com.

So move along, nothing to see here. I really wanted to take some sort of "Moral High Ground" that I have been hearing so much about.

/End fake outrage

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