Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Curse is Real

A month ago today, I crowned Jason Hanson as The best Lions draft pick since Barry Sanders. Well, today the Lions placed him on IR, ending his 2010 season, and keeping former Spartan Dave Rayner employed for the rest of the year.

The only bright side to this injury is it will not allow him to add to his already NFL record of being on the losing team 190 times. No word yet on his status for next season, but I would venture to guess he will be back.  To fill his spot on the roster, the Lions signed former 1st round draft pick, CB Tye Hill.

This proves again, that the SEMS curse is real. I spotlight Jonas Jerebko, and BOOM!!!!1! In other site news, I am now planning posts on the following:
  1. Terrelle Pryor
  2. Sidney Crosby
  3. The Miami Heat
  4. Phil Mickelson (that smug, left-handed bastard)
Here's to feeling better, Jason.
Good Night, Sweet Prince!

1 comment:

  1. I would rather you talked about Tressel. Maybe that would hurt wins, losses, and recruiting. Also, try cursing the Cubs. Oh wait....too late for that.