Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catching up with the Tigers' Offseason

A few minor roster moves:

The Tigers signed 33 year old Australian pitcher, Chris Oxspring. I approve.

They also signed C Omir Santos. He last played with the Mets in 2009, and is just organizational depth.

They also signed former Hiroshima Toyo Carp LHP John Bale. Their last foray into Japan resulted in Brad Thomas, who wasn't horrible last season.

Did I mention they signed someone named Chris Oxspring?

That's it for additions since I last updated. They missed on several assumed targets, but considering what they got paid...coughcoughJasonWerthcoughcough...its not all bad.

Jason Werth signed with the Washington Nationals for $126 Million Dollars for 7 years. Which, good luck with that in 2015.

Adam Dunn signed with the White Sox for $56 Million dollars for 4 years. Kinda pricey, but he should rake in that lineup.

Carl Crawford will only make $16 Million less than Jason Werth, and gets to play for Boston. The Sawx also acquired Adrian Gonzalez, so they are back which makes winning the Wild Card that much harder.

Magglio Ordonez is seeking 2 years at $10M per. I love Maggs as much as the next guy, but C'mon Man.

That's about it. I doubt Paul Konerko or Carlos Pena were ever serious about Detroit or vice versa. Cliff Lee is still out there, but the Yankees have to sign him on the heels of Boston's recent activity. I will visit this again as more chips fall into place.

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