Monday, December 13, 2010

Pillaging Your Peers-NL West

After a few days off, I will continue the PYP project.

Arizona Diamondbacks- Assuming they don't trade him, my choice for the short term is OF Justin Upton. He's only 23, and is one of the most promising young regulars in MLB. I thought about Dan Haren, but his historically bad second half performances scared me off. As far as prospects go, Jarrod Parker is my pick. He recently had Tommy John surgery, but his potential is off the charts.If Upton is traded, expect another top 10 prospect to land in Arizona.

Colorado Rockies- This one is tough. Tough like a $5 steak. They have three of the top players in baseball right now. SS Troy Tulowitzki, OF Carlos Gonzalez, and SP Ubaldo Jimenez. All young, all talented. Luckily they don't have any slam dunk prospects, so I only have to leave out one of the three. Short term, I will take Jimenez. Dominant starters don't grow on trees, and he's an ace.  Keeper-wise, I will take Tulo. Positional scarcity, and what not. I really hate leaving CarGo behind, but them's the breaks.

Los Angeles Dodgers- Kemp or Ethier, Ethier or Kemp? Power or speed? Speed. OF Matt Kemp is one of my personal favorites, so I gotta go with him. The Dodgers have some nice young pitchers, but no one who blows me over. Chris Withrow has a 9.3 K/9 rate in the minors, and is only 21. Done and done.

San Diego Padres- This was easy a week ago. Adrian Gonzalez was the overwhelming choice. He's now a Red Sock. Red Sox? Anywho, I will now go with....Kyle Blanks? Young power hitter,plays good defen....he has awesome hair.
The biggest piece the Fathers got in return for Gonzalez is Casey Kelly. He is one of the top prospects in the game, and is close to MLB ready.

San Francisco Giants-By far the easiest team in the division to select from. Tim Lincecum may be a pothead, but he also has two Cy Young awards in 3 and a half seasons. C Buster Posey just won the NL ROY, and plays a premium position. Considering they just won the World Series, they are very top heavy.

So that finishes the National League. As always, criticism is expected/appreciated.

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