Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lions win again....No, seriously

The 26 game road losing streak is over. Past tense. In the rear-view mirror. The Lions have been putting the Elias Sports Bureau through hell recently. After beating Green Bay last week, the Lions beat Tampa Bay in overtime 23-20 in overtime.

If you would have told me 3 weeks ago that the Lions would beat the 8-4 at the time Packers, and the then 8-5 Buccaneers after losing 5 in a row, I would have called you a liar (among other, NSFW things) and dismissed your foolish ramblings as poppycock. If you would have told me that the last touchdown was Stanton handing it off to Morris for 6, and Rayner kicking the extra point, I would have assumed zero chance of winning. I constantly bad-mouth Stanton, but as many have pointed out, he's 2-2 as a starter. That's the highest winning percentage of any Detroit quarterback since Millen was hired. I still don't think he would make most NFL rosters as anything other than a #3, but due to injuries to Stafford and Hill, here we are.

Winning two in a row is nice. Nice enough to overlook all the negatives for now. Here's the Rayner game winner.

I rarely do this, but there were some amazing moments in other games today. Here's Saints WR Lance Moore with an amazing TD catch...

And here's Philly WR DeSean Jackson with a walk-off punt return TD. It couldn't happen to a nicer fanbase.

Giants punter Matt Dodge got reamed by Tom Coughlin for not kicking it out of bounds. Way to take the blame, coach. I am ok with it though, since Matt Dodge started his college career at Appalachian State, know. (even though he didn't play, it's shit list by association)

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