Sunday, December 12, 2010

Half-Time Reaction-Detroit vs Green Bay

If you predicted a 0-0 ball game at the half, raise your hand.

Put your hands down, you mother scrumpling liars. As hard as Drew Stanton is trying, the Lions might win this thing. The Lions have 3 sacks, none of which came from Avril or Suh. They have held the Packers to 68 total yards of offense. 68! They knocked Aaron Rodgers out of the game on a clean hit that should cost Landon Johnson 25K. It actually looks promising as of now, which means they Matt Flynn will throw for 250 yards and 4 touchdowns in the second half. Here's the Rodgers hit...

As I mentioned earlier, Stanton is proving that last week was a fluke, and he is not an NFL QB. Too many times he just throws the ball up for grabs like he's playing 500. He takes 19 yard sacks. On a positive note, he runs a mean option.

The best moment was watching Greg Jennings go DERP and Spievey being there to make the pick. It was made epic by the referee saying there were 3 possible penalties on the play. I will leave you with that, since the second half will be starting soon, and is sure to disappoint...

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