Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Week in Great College Basketball Names-Blaise Ffrench

Fflagrent Ffoul?

In honor of St. Peters getting their ffirst tourney bid since 1995, I present to you Blaise Ffrench. Ffrench is a sophomore point guard for St. Petes. Ffrench played as a ffreshman at UTEP before transferring to St. Peters.  He  has only averaged 2.4 ppg this season, but has a ffree throw percentage of .438. To put that in perspective, Shaq has a career FT% of .527. It wouldn't be ffar-ffetched to say he needs improvement.

Double Fs aside, his first name means "Lisp or Stutter"......seriously. So Stutter Ffrench? Sometimes these things write themselves. Also gets a shoutout for almost having the same name as Top Chef All-Star Richard Blais.

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