Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In other news, water is wet

So Jim Tressel had "Pryor" knowledge of his players selling their memorabilia? 

Next thing you know, Pete Carroll knew that Reggie Bush illegally obtained his condo at USC. That Gene Chizik didn't notice Cecil Newton's new wardrobe upon Cam's success at Auburn. Shocked. Shocked and appalled. A dark underside to college athletics? News to this me.

"If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying" has long been a part of sports. Save a few programs like Duke and Northwestern, I believe everyone cheats. I liken it to prison gangs. You might not want to join, but you are in serious jeopardy of being taken advantage of if you don't. Why do you think Oregon can go from second tier Pac Ten power to National Championship game contender? Two reasons:
  1. Phil Knight
  2. Buying RBs from Texas
It's that simple, really. Until the NCAA cracks down, and I mean really cracks down, these things will continue. The schools will keep doing what they have to, because if they get caught, the trouble is not that serious. USC was docked 30 scholarships over three years, and just signed a class with 28 players. They simply have to appeal, and ride it out 'til the end. Meanwhile Carrol skips town for the NFL, they hire another "dirty" coach in Lane Kiffin. Who will they hire next, Bobby Collins?

I'm not naive enough to think Michigan is 100% clean. I think that for every Ed Martin, there are 100 people just like him. Trying to leech onto players is an old tactic. But I do hope that 9/10 coaches has no direct knowledge of these transgressions. For a profession built on integrity, it would sure be nice to see some once in a while.

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