Sunday, March 20, 2011

Knee-Jerk Reaction Time

Mother fucker. Balls shit ass fuck . I told myself before the game not to be upset if Michigan loses. It seemed safe when they were down by 15 in the second half. "Talent eventually takes over " I told myself. "Nobody expected a tournament bid this year." "Duke is the defending NCAA champion." Yada yada yada. A little piece of me died when Morris' floater clanged off the back of the rim. A bigger piece joined it when I saw how side open Novak and Douglass were.

Nevertheless, I love this team. I have to remember that there are no seniors on this team. Everyone is coming back. Smotrycz and Hardaway will have some experience. Brundidge and Burke will be contributers as freshmen. Already calming down. I want to be clear, I am not upset/mad/disappointed with Morris. You want your best player taking those shots, and he took one. I think I'm just mad that Michigan just exposed the team I picked to win it all.

It will be weird next fall when people are talking Michigan basketball when there is still football to be played, but I can see it happening. I am planning a stock-report on every team in the Big Ten, and it isn't ridiculous to say Michigan can contend for the championship. When's the last time anyone could say that?

What's worse is I can't even root against OSU until the Elite 8. Good lord, this makes less sense than normal. Oh well, time to hit publish...

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