Friday, February 4, 2011

SEMS Prop-Bets

Betting on the final score can be boring. We(me) here at SEMS are looking for some more interesting wagers. Wagers you may not find in a sports book in Vegas. Without further adieu....

Total number of Roethlisberger interceptions/rape accusations is set at 3. SEMS takes the over.

Total number of James Starks rushing yards + Brett Favre mentions is set at 1415. SEMS takes the over.

Total number of Clay Matthews sacks + Charles Woodson INTs + Troy Polamalu hair care commercials is set at 71. SEMS will take the under, but only because Roethlisberger will avoid Woodson.

Mentions of the Texas weather in regards to Green Bay/Pittsburgh is set at 12. SEMS will take the over.

Horrible halftime performances by the Black Eyed Peas is set at one. SEMS takes it at even money.

Number of anticlimactic ads where they insinuate nudity when you visit their website is set at 8. SEMS takes the over.

Lockout/Strike mentions+DeMaurice Smith cameos is set at 6. SEMS takes the under. Smith won't show his face.

So there you have it. Feel free to place your bets in the comment section. The commenter who wins biggest will get an autographed picture of the author. Or a shoutout on the blog, winner's choice.

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