Sunday, November 7, 2010

A win is a win, is a win

I have held off writing game recaps for a few weeks since I didn't have the mental strength to come up with ways to describe the Wolverine defense. I had a few ideas, mostly involving Nathan Scheelhaase voodoo dolls and incriminating pictures of Joe Paterno. The subsequent retinal bleaching would have made that post seem counter productive, so I just let it all slide. Being ranked 106th in the NCAA in total defense? Hey check out these monkeys riding bikes! Another starter in the secondary is out for the year? Randy Moss, Randy Moss, Randy Moss! It was like my refusal to acknowledge it in words made it nonexistent. For better or worse, I simply watched the games, shook my head, wished I could just hold Greg Robinson close while we assured one another that it will get better, and moved on.

Moving on. Its an interesting concept when it comes to sports. The celebratory dance that I would have unleashed on the world if the final score yesterday would have been 67-13 would have rivaled Ms. Benes....

Would I have considered the defensive struggles to be over? Not at all, but I would have enjoyed entertaining the thought. There are some people who like to romanticize the game of football and liken it to a game a=of chess. Two masterminds staring each other down, each move by each piece being able to win or lose the game. I am not one of those people. I still call the Knights "horsies". The Bishops are "The pointy guys", and my true freshman defensive back, who was all but guaranteed to redshirt this season but is now forced into playing 85% of the snaps is "Go Courtney Avery/Terrance Talbott/Cullen Christian/Ray Vinopal/Carvin Johnson". 67-65 does not lend itself to chess comparisons. It's a frightening cocktail of 
One part 

Two parts

Floated with a little 

So where do I go from here? Let me beat you to it, Spartan fans, "The Little Caesars Bowl."  I am in the camp that Rodriguez gets one more year. Greg Robinson should be staging his home as we speak. Coming into the season, I had modest goals that I let get out of hand after the first few games, but at least I wasn't the only one...

Its just that after the last two seasons, Michigan fans had to grasp onto something, and we collectively made that something the dreadlocks of a true sophomore quarterback. That decision may have been a bit hasty, because he had no way of living up to the ridiculously high standards he set for himself. I'm hoping I learn my lesson before next season, but am already prepping myself for a long ride on the "Roy Roundtree for Biletnikoff Award" bandwagon next September.

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