Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Randy Moss, Detroit Lion?

Good gravy I hope not. I think he could really make this offense unbeatable. Imagine CJ and Moss on the outsides with Burleson in the slot and Pettigrew/Scheffler at TE. Yikes. You almost don't need an OL with options like those.

But Moss is a very talented WR a headcase. I know it. You know it. NFL executives know it. Why else would Minnesota release him this soon after giving up a 3rd rounder for him a few weeks back? I know Minnesota is disappointed with their performance thus far, but I thought the plan was to wait until Sidney Rice was healthy to team with Harvin and Moss. There are only a few possibilities I can think of...

  1. Favre accidentally sent Moss a picture of his....
  2. He really is that bad in the locker room
  3. Rice/Harvin/Shiancoe didn't like playing second dog considering how well they performed last year
  4. I'm pretty sure it's the Favre thing
Moss' response was rather tame by comparison

I am fairly sure this is the lowest waiver priority since the Truman administration for Detroit, but if the six teams before Detroit pass on Moss, follow suit and Just Say No. Why isn't this message funded by some special interest group and played ad nauseum like some circuit court judge from Emmet County? This actually affects people.

Let Moss go back to New England. Hell, let him play for the Yankees, just keep him out of Allen Park.

This message is paid for by the committee to keep our streets free of Moss

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