Sunday, November 21, 2010

MyOffseason Wish List

Signing Benoit and Alburquerque was a nice start to the offseason, but the team still has a few glaring needs. While I would personally commit to eating 2 Hot N Readys if they went out and signed Carl Crawford, Cliff Lee, Jason Werth, Victor Martinez, Adam Dunn, and Jorge De La Rosa, I'm fairly certain we won't get them all, so here is my wish list weighted towards reality...

  1. Sign Adam Dunn. I quickly covered this before, but a big left handed hitter to protect Cabrera is a dream signing. I realize that he is a Type A Free Agent, meaning that the Tigers will lose a draft pick to Washington if they sign him, but all the big names are.
  2. Acquire an offensive minded catcher. Avila and Laird were great behind the plate, and Max St. Pierre had a Disney movie storyline, but the offensive production was lacking to put it politely. Victor Martinez is the most obvious option, but his horrendous 2008 is worrisome. The options aren't very exciting, so maybe a trade for someone like Miguel Montero or Ryan Doumit might be a better option.
  3. Some sort of corner outfielder. There are names out there like Crawford, Werth, and even Justin Upton. I would love to get Upton, but I don't think the Tigers have the prospets to get a deal done. I wouldn't mind seeing Maggs come back at a lower salary, and wouldn't sign Manny Ramirez for all the camels in Antarctica. I'm thinking it's Werth ahead of the pack in regards to Dave Dombrowski's wish list. Jeff Francouer and Brad Hawpe are a couple personal favorites or mine that won't cost anything close to Werth.
  4. The bullpen is pretty much set. I would like to see Zumaya come back with an incentive laden deal (and a bubblewrap coating) if only for sentiments sake. I will never forget the excitement he brought when he hit 103 on the radar. Another option is J.J. Putz who is from Trenton.
  5. Get 1-2 more starters. Verlander, Scherzer, and Porcello are set. We have nice prospects in Jacob Turner, Casey Crosby, and Andy Oliver. Not much in between. Cliff Lee is great, and that means he will be a Yankee. I am a big fan of De La Rosa, but am not sold on him. There are high risk-high reward options like Rich Harden, Erik Bedard, and Justin Duchscherer. I am hoping for De La Rosa and Aaron Harang.
That's about it. Inge and Peralta will be the 3B/SS for a while, and the kids at second deserve another shot.  I would venture to guess that Dombrowski is working on a blockbuster trade that makes this whole excercise irrelevant.  It should be announced about 10 minutes after I hit publish.

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