Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tigers sign Victor Martinez (Updated 11-24)

The Tigers signed catcher/1B/DH Victor Martinez to a 4 year deal today. Martinez is a switch hitting catcher who has widely been considered one of the best offensive catchers in baseball over the last few years. I covered him briefly in my offseason wish list, and while I wasn't technically pulling for him, I am certainly not against the signing. He provides a left-handed bat (against righties) and is capable of making teams pitch to Cabrera. I will withhold total judgement until I see what other moves the Tigers make. 4 years/50 million is a fairly good deal, so long as there are no repeats of 2008.

UPDATE-The deal is now "official" per ESPN. I forget these things are always "pending him passing a physical" when they are initially announced. (How the hell did Carlos Guillen get paid with this system?)

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