Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thank God for the Carolina Panthers

Without them, the Lions would be the unquestioned laughing stock of the NFL (again). The Lions once again decided that winning is for losers, and lost to the Cowboys 35-19. After taking a 12-7 lead following Ndamukong Suh getting molested by Leonard Davis in the endzone, the Lions gave up scores on the following plays

A 97 yard punt return after John Swendling tried to down it inside the 5 yard line.

They also gave up a 29 yard TD run to Jon Kitna. Yep, Jon "Vick-lite" Kitna...
(Stupid won't let me embed the video, but c'mon, its Jon Kitna running)

There was also this penalty for a horse collar. I will let you be the judge...


I just don't get it.  Two weeks ago, they had their cleats to the throats of the 8-2 Jets. They go on to lose to the 2-8 Bills (winless at the time) and the 3-7 Cowboys who are being coached by an interim Jason Garret. If the Lions are nothing else, they are consistent. Consistent in pissing me off. Consistent in picking in the top 5 of the draft every April. There comes a point when the comedy of errors is no longer funny (I'm looking at you Two and a half Men). It just gets depressing. Not depressing as in "Oh, I'm a Lions fan. I have only seen one playoff victory in my life. Even the Raiders are 5-5 this year" type of way. That's been fine for the last few decades years. This year is approaching epic proportions. We weathered the Millen regime, to move into the future with the promise of the Schwartz. So far, he and Mayhew have proven to be able to bring in talent, but the on the field results just aren't there.

In selfish news, my dream of Patrick Peterson is alive and well. The only other player I would be happy with at this point would be Da'Quan Bowers. It must be fall, I'm already looking forward to the draft. Thanks, Lions!

Proof that Millen in fact HAS had some sort of NFL success.

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