Saturday, May 7, 2011

JV throws a no-no

As I was dicking around the internet waiting to hear some Michigan recruiting news, I had the Tigers' game on in the background. I was barely paying attention until I heard Rod Allen mention the unmentionable. So I turn the volume up, and check the ESPN gamecast. Perfect through 4. Alright, sweet.

A few innings go be with only a minor scare (The Edwin Encarnacion comebacker) and I am on the edge of my seat. Then the Michigan stuff starts happening. One commitment, then another. Cool, what a day. Then J.P. Arencibia works a 12 pitch walk. Motherfucker. Then Encarnacion grounds into the DP. Boom.

I get the feeling its gonna happen, and I remember that the Kentucky Derby is about to start. Meh. I'm not a Kentucky Derby guy. I just don't get it, maybe. A bunch of midets beating the shit out of horses just doesn't do it for me. I could see the same scenario in Tijuana for less money....And a happier outcome for everyone.

So the 9th starts, and Cooper swings first pitch, and "Uh-oh Rexy. I don't think this one's got the distance." 1 out.

John McDonald puts a minor scare into me as he grounds past a diving Verlander to Sizemore who throws to Miggy to beat him by 4 steps. 2 outs.

Up steps Rajai Davis. Normally this wouldn't scare me, but he played for Oakland. And Oakland has pissed me off all season. He works a 2-2 count before flailing at a pitch a foot outside. 3 outs. Holy He did it. He pitched his 2nd no-hitter. He was one walk away from a perfect game. Wow.

Way to show Francisco Liriano how to do it...

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