Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fixing the Tigers

Many people had World Series aspirations when the 2010 season began. This is my way to keep that hope alive for next spring.

Catcher- Let Laird go. Pay him to go. Pay someone to make him go. Anything.
                Keep Avila. Hope he earns the starting gig. Let him catch 75-80 percent of the games.         
                Sign this guy

               He's great with young pitchers, and still has pretty decent power.

First Base- Miguel Cabrera. No explanation needed.

Second Base- Let Rhymes and Sizemore battle it out in Lakeland.
Third Base- So long Inge. You were a gamer in every sense of the word, but the production just isn't there.
                     Forget Adrian Beltre. He only plays well in his contract year. Do.Not.Want.
                     Sign this guy...

                      His markedly improved his defense after a talk with Jake Taylor would alleviate some concern  
                      over losing Inge. Could help the new guys invest their money.

Shortstop-Trade for Hanley Ramirez or Jose Reyes. They will be expensive. We have the prospects to get a 
                  deal done. Turner, Crosby, whoever. Get one of these guys.
                  Sign this guy....
                  Tanner Muh-F%^in Boyle. Great teammate. Tenacious. Sleeper potential at the plate.

Outfield- Austin Jackson is entrenched in CF. Platoon Boesch and Wells in RF and play the hot hand
                Sign this guy for LF...
                Provides some protection for Cabrera. Gives Leyland a smoking partner.

DH-Have to once again look outside the organization...
                 What a ballplayer....

Starting Pitching-Verlander, Scherzer, and Porcello are locks.
                              Sign this guy....

                             And this guy....

                        That has the makings of a dominating rotation. Henry will answer to any name, and who can 
                         hit the float-pitch? Steve Nebraska has Verlander stuff and a Dontrelle head.

Bullpen-     Sign these guys to go along with Valverde, Perry, Schlereth, and Coke...

              That bullpen should hold any lead the starters get.

I don't think any of these are out of the realm of possibility.  This team should be good for 130-135 wins and a World Series sweep, though I may be selling them short.  C'mon Dombrowski, get to work.

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